William Kirby
Kirby humvee
Kirby in a Tajikistani village
Vital statistics
Rank Sergeant
Gender Male
Hometown California
Faction USMC
Position Fireteam Leader (Outlaw 2-Bravo)
Class Rifleman (can be changed by the player)

Sergeant William Kirby is the leader of Outlaw 2-Bravo team, and is defaulted to the Rifleman class. Sergeant Kirby is the character for the host player, and the fireteam leader. As fireteam leader, he is the only member of Outlaw 2-Bravo that can issue orders by default (as it is possible to make another team member the team leader in co-op).


William Kirby was born in 1983. William Kirby is from California and joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 [1]. He served several tours of duty in Afghanistan before being transferred to Outlaw 2-1, commanded by SSgt. Damien Knox.



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