Welcome to Tajikistan
Welcome to Tajikistan
Vital statistics
Participants USMC, ETIM
Date 2013
Location USMC Camp Copperhead, Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border; Parson's Peak (Radio callsign) Village; Airfield, Tajikistan; Unknown bridge, Tajikistan
Welcome to Tajikistan is the first mission of Operation Flashpoint: Red River. It is the beginning of Operation: Enduring Shield and the Marines' push into Tajikistan.


In the beginning cutscene, Outlaw 2-Bravo are discussing the key events in the war on terror and their opinions of their mission. When their CH-53E lands in Camp Copperhead, Staff Sergeant Knox is waiting for them, and tells them they are a replacement team (this is never explored). He runs them through some drills, but ETIM mortar fire bombards the camp, killing a Marine. Outlaw Actual orders the squads Outlaw 2 and Outlaw 3 to clear a village, known as 'Parson's Peak' and bring their convoy into Tajikistan .

This task is completed and the convoy continues. However, Outlaw is stopped by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which kills Outlaw 3's Staff Sergeant and another Marine. As Knox searches the Humvee, the ETIM insurgents attack and Outlaw 2 is forced to defend the convoy. The player's fireteam is assigned to defend the ruins to the north.

After the insurgents are held off, Outlaw 2 re-boards the Humvees and sets off to a nearby village, where a squad of marines was attacked from the other side of a bridge. Outlaw 2-Alpha and 2-Charlie were ordered to suppress while 2-Bravo cleared the village. Once clear, the marines brought the convoy through to the airfield and prepared for their next deployment.


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