The Wrong Way
Wrong Way
The 'Fall Back' order
Vital statistics
Participants USMC, People's Liberation Army
Date Day 2, 2013
Location Tajikistan
The Wrong Way is the fifth mission in the Operation Flashpoint: Red River campaign. It sees Outlaw 2 holding back the PLA forces so that Trapper can evacuate. It is hinted that Outlaw Actual is present at the crossroads.


Yesterday, the PLA attacked Trapper Platoon as the two forces became too close for comfort. Outlaw 2 was sent in to hold off the PLA. While the PLA regroup after their suprise attack, Outlaw 2 arrived at the first set of compounds after inserting via CH-53E. Gunslinger was already there, and together, they held off the PLA troops. After an M1A2 was destroyed, Knox ordered that Bravo Team eliminate the anti-tank teams. However, Chinese J-10s attacked and destroyed the other Gunslinger units, forcing Outlaw 2 to fall back.

After defending four other sets of compunds, air cover arrived, but was shot down, forcing Outlaw 2 to retreat. Outlaw 2 arrived in the crossroads as PLA Mi-17s (which can be shot down) dropped in troops to attack the town. As the extraction helicopter for the marines arrived, it was destroyed. Knox immediatley ordered for Charlie team to fix some Humvees that Trapper had damaged to stop the PLA from taking them. The PLA then sent in APCs, but these were destroyed by Bravo when Alpha team found some SMAWs. Finally, Outlaw 2 extracted to FOB Sidewinder.

However, the PLA continued to advance and attacked with air support, losing a WZ-10 to Bravo's Stingers. Using J10s and Tanks to attack the FOB, they opened up the perimeter. Outlaw 2 retreated again and held the PLA off until another helicopter rescued them. In the ending cutscene, Outlaw tells them that they are the only ones who made it, and Mustang asks them to get some payback.


  • Sorenson gets shot but never mentions it until the end.
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