The Human Terrain
Mission 3 (2)
Vital statistics
Participants USMC, ETIM
Date 2013
Location Tajikistan
The Human Terrain is the third mission in the Operation Flashpoint: Red River Campaign. It sees Outlaw 2 assigned to escorting a convoy through five kilometres of hostile territory.


In the helicopterSSgt Knox briefs Outlaw 2 on their mission: to escort a team who will repair the Nurek Dam. When the helicopter lands, Knox comments on the fact that the Tajis were firing on them until they landed, and tells the squad to stay alert. They enter the container market and clear it of threats before the convoy comes up. AH-1Z Viper air cover arrives, but leaves before the next engagement. The squad clear the town across the river, and Charlie team comes under fire and requests help from Bravo. Once the area is clear, the vehicles are brought up and they drive on. 

Up the road, however, they are informed that two technicals are heading towards them. After confirmation from Vigilante,  Outlaw 2 prepares to engage. Once the technicals are in sight, they are engaged and destroyed and the convoy continues.

Up ahead, Outlaw 2 must clear out a village of insurgents. Once clear, Bravo take point and defend a small cluster of buildings against AT Gunners and technicals, using mortars as support. Once complete, the team move to another building while Alpha and Charlie follow up. The team kill all approaching insurgents and move on to the final building. After destroying the enemies with mortars, the team heads for the damn. 


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