Shepherd's Watch is a CSAR fireteam engagement mission. It takes place in a small Russian town in south-east Tajikistan, near the location of No One Gets Left Behind. There are two sections of the town and it is split in the middle by a bridge. 

Enemy forcesEdit

There is a fireteam-size PLA force on the road on the western edge of the town down the hill to the east from the insertion point. There is always one APC  on the eastern road leading to the west entrance of the town, with up to three if the pursuit force is coming from that direction. There is a group of PLA in the north part of the town by the helicopter, and there are PLA all over the southern part where the pilots are.


One way to tackle this mission is to rush down the hill using shock and awe tactics, and head quickly to the east along the northern edge to the helicopter. Speed is vital, as there is an APC pursuing. Eliminate the PLA who are blocking helicopter and destroy it, then head across the river to the pilots. Clear the AO and get the pilots. Once this is complete, rush to the extraction point. 

Another way to tackle this mission is to get a SMAW, and head to the west. Wait for the APC to arrive and destroy it (and if possible, the pursuit force) to gain time. Run back and swap the SMAW back for your original weapon, then head into the town, destroy the helo, get the pilots and run to the extraction point. Stealth is a viable option in the second method.


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