Soto art
Concept art for the Scout
Faction USMC
Specialization Accuracy and range
Character Model Rolled-up sleeves, beanie and bandanna in place of helmet, untucked pantlegs
Armor Light
Enemy Equivalents Insurgent Sniper, PLA Sniper

The Scout is the sniper class of Operation Flashpoint: Red River. The character, Soto, uses this class by default, if not changed by the player.


M14 DMR- The DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is a semi-automatic rifle designed to allow engagement of point targets at long range (to 800m).

M39 EMR- The EMR (Enhanced Marksman Rifle) is an improved version of the M14 DMR. It is obtained at Lv 12, and features higher accuracy, rate of fire and damage than the DMR as well as greater range.

M16A4- This is the standard issue rifle of the USMC. The M16A4 is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO round, and is capable of being fired in semi-automatic or 3-round burst modes. It has decent accuracy, and if you spam single shots in quick succession, you can turn it into a medium ranged marksman rifle.

M4A1- A shorter and lighter 'carbine' version of the M16A4 used by US forces. Also chambered for the 5.56x45 NATO round, the M4A1 can be fired in semi-auto or fully automatic mode, and makes an excellent backup weapon to either of the LMGs. While it is not as accurate and has a shorter effective range (500m vs. 600m) than the M16A4, the higher damage and full-auto fire work better at close range.

MEU(SOC) -The default handgun for the Marine. Based on the Colt model 1911A1, the MEU(SOC) fires a .45 ACP round from a 7-round magazine.

MP5A4- Heckler and Koch's MP5 is a submachine gun (SMG) chambered in 9x19mm and used primarily as a CQB weapon, which it excels at. Lightweight, quick to aim, reasonably accurate (at short range) and the highest rate of fire in the game are all strong points. However the 9mm rounds are weak against PLA enemies, particularly Special Forces troops who wear armor; don't be surprised if they survive being shot and return fire. Also, engagements at medium to long range are to be avoided.


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