Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Anti-Armour Weapon
SMAW render
Vital statistics
Name Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Anti-Armour Weapon
Faction USMC
Type Rocket Launcher
Fire Mode Single Shot rockets
Caliber HEAT
Magazine Size 1
Range high
Damage high
Used By USMC
 The SMAW is a Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher. It is specifically used in mission 5, but features in other missions. It fires High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds.


The SMAW system (launcher, ammunition and logistics support) was fielded in 1984 as a United States Marine Corps–unique system. The Mod-0 demonstrated several shortcomings, resulting in a series of modifications in the mid-2000s. These modifications include a re-sleeving process for bubbled launch tubes, rewriting/drafting operator and technical manuals, and a kit to reduce environmental intrusion into the trigger mechanism.


It can fire HEAT or HEF (HEAT only in-game[1] and has an optical sight modification to allow the new HEAA rocket to be used effectively against moving armor targets.



  1. In-game HUD
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