Ryan "Jew-killer" Balletto
Ryan Baletto
Balletto Near a mass Grave in Ukraine
Vital statistics
Rank Corporal
Gender Male
Hometown Toronto, Ontario
Faction USMC
Position Outlaw 2-Bravo 4
Class Auto-Rifleman (can be changed by the player)

Corporal Ryan Balletto is the fourth member of Outlaw 2-Bravo, and defaults to the Auto-Rifleman class.


Ryan Balletto is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and makes it clear with his accent. He appears to have a history of trouble following orders and expressing his emotions (primarily anger) in ways that are not accepted by the Marine Corps. 

Balletto is the only member of the Squad who can activate Ultra instinct (as seen in the manga (Konichiwa no Kirby-san) and is a level 5 world ending entity.  

Balletto is the only character in Red River to appear on the big screen where he was cast as "Officer K" in Blade Runner:2049


 In June of 2013, Balletto was charged with the abduction and rape of a 15 year old girl in California. after being sentenced to 31 years in prison he escaped custody and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 

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