QBZ95 A render
The QBZ95 with an underbarrel grenade launcher
Vital statistics
Name QBZ95
Faction People's Liberation Army
Type Assault rifle
Fire Mode Auto/3-round burst/Semi
Caliber 5.8mm x 42mm DBP87
Magazine Size 30+1
Range appx. 300m
Damage Medium
Used By PLA Rifleman

The QBZ95 is the standard infantry rifle of the PLA and is the main Chinese rifle featured in Operation Flashpoint: Red River.


The QBZ95 was developed to replace China's Type 81 rifle, China's copy of the Russian AK-47, both firing the medium 7.62mm x 39mm round. "QBZ95" is Chinese for "Light weapon, automatic, rifle, 1995," meaning that it is an automatic infantry rifle developed in 1995.


A PLA Rifleman with a QBZ95


The QBZ95 fires a unique intermediate round designed specifically for use in the QBZ95 platform, the 5.8mm x 42mm DBP87 round, claimed to be superior to the NATO 5.56mm x 45mm round and the Russian 5.45mm x 39mm round. The QBZ95 is a bullpup-style rifle, meaning that the magazine and action is mounted behind the trigger of the gun, allowing the barrel to take up the majority of the stock of the gun, giving rifles a longer barrel with a shorter overall length. This bullpup design improves accuracy and mobility by fitting a full-length barrel in a carbine-size rifle, but are often heavier and more difficult to reload and operate than standard-layout rifles. The QBZ95 fires on either fully-automatic, semi-automatic, or three-round burst fire modes, feeding from a large, 30-round magazine. The iron sights are a hooded front post and a strange square-shaped rear aperture sight, which is not particularly accurate in-game, and blocks off much of the shooter's vision around the sights.


The QBZ95 only features a few attachments in-game.

  • QBZ95 A - QBZ95 with an underbarrel grenade launcher module, the QLJ91.
  • QBZ95 M - QBZ95 with a marksman scope (Note: the PLA marksman scope functions like a low-power USMC sniper scope, blacking out the edges of the screen)
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