QBZ03 render
Vital statistics
Name QBZ03
Faction People's Liberation Army
Type Assault Rifle
Fire Mode Full-Auto, 3 Round Burst, Semi-Auto
Caliber 5.8x42mm
Magazine Size 30+1
Range Medium
Damage Meduim
Used By PLA SpecOps

QBZ-03 assault rifle, also known as theType 03 is a Chinese selective-fire weapon and is the latest assault rifle designed and developed for the 5.8 x 42 mm DBP87 round.


Unlike the bullpup QBZ95, the QBZ-03 is a weapon of conventional design loosely inspired by the Type 81 assault rifle. The weapon is designed to be easily used by soldiers already familiar with previously issued rifles and machine guns. The QBZ-03 has a two-piece receiver largely made up of forged aluminum alloy with the stock, pistol grip, and handguards being made of a polymer compound. The gas block has a two position regulator, one for firing standard ammunition, the other to allow the use of rifle grenades, which are not featured in-game. The sights are of a hooded front sight with a flip up rear diopter sight similar to the American M16A4. A scope rail is available to allow the use of various optics.


The QBZ03 can only mount a Red dot sight or a Marksman scope.



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