PKP render
The PKP medium machine gun
Vital statistics
Name PKP
Faction ETIM (Insurgent Force)
Type Medium machine gun
Fire Mode Auto
Caliber 7.62mm x 54mm Rimmed
Magazine Size 75
Range appx. 200m
Damage High
Used By Insurgent AT Gunner

The PKP is the light machinegun of the ETIM. It has a slow rate of fire, which means it does not suppress as effectively as the Marines' M249 SAW or the Mk 48 Mod 0. It has 75 rounds in a box magazine and loads from the right and ejects spent cases to the left, across the shooter's body, unlike most other automatic guns, including the other LMGs in the game. As with all ETIM weapons, it jams frequently, but has high damage.

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