PF-98 'Queen Bee'
PF-98 SAM render
Vital statistics
Name PF-98 'Queen Bee'
Faction People's Liberation Army
Type Rocket Launcher
Fire Mode Single (rockets)
Caliber 120mm rocket (HEAT or HEF round)
Magazine Size 1
Range long
Damage Very high
Used By PLA AT gunner
 The PF98 Queen Bee is a rocket launcher used by the People's Liberation Army. It fire HEAT or HEF rounds. It is the equivalent of the USMC SMAW or the ETIM Type 2004. It is designed to do damage to armour and infantry.


The PLA began to search for a successor for the Type 78 in the 1990s. The older, 1950s-era equipment began to show its age. The Type 98 was revealed with a garrison unit in Macao in 1999, while some elite units began to receive the weapon after 2000.


The design makes the accurate delivery of a 120 mm high-explosive or high-explosive anti-tank projectile with negligible recoil possible. The weapon can be tripod- or shoulder-fired, although it is only shoulder fired in-game.


It features in most Combat Search and Rescue Fireteam Engagements and in mission six as a weapon cache and in missions 5 , 6, 9 and 10 carried by PLA AT Gunners.

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