Outlaw-2 Bravo

Outlaw 2-Bravo is the playable fireteam throughout the campaign, and is made of 4 members.


Outlaw 2-Bravo is the callsign for Bravo fireteam, 2nd squad, Outlaw Platoon. It is led by Sergeant William Kirby, under the squad leader of Outlaw-2-1, Staff Sergeant Damien Knox.




  • In Fireteam Engagements, Outlaw 2-Bravo is referred to as Coyote 2-Bravo. It is possible that Coyote 2-Bravo was the previous name of Outlaw 2-Bravo, before being transferred to SSgt. Knox's squad. However, due to the appearance of the PLA in Fireteam Engagements, it is more likely that Outlaw 2-Bravo was transferred to Coyote 2-Bravo after the events of the campaign.
  • Outlaw 2-Bravo is the only fireteam in the second Outlaw squad which has a Rifleman, a Grenadier, a Scout and an Auto Rifleman by default.
  • Any AI-controlled fireteam member can have their class changed or edited by the host player.
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