No One Gets Left Behind is a CSAR fireteam engagement mission. It takes place in a small town in south-east Tajikistan. There are many buildings, and this makes is a dangerous location.

Enemy forcesEdit

There is a squad-sized PLA force on the road directly down the hill from the insertion point. There are at least two EQ-2050s on the eastern road out of the south-easternmost section of the town, with up to four if the pursuit force is coming from that direction. There is a group of PLA in the eastern section of the town, no matter where the pilots are.


One way to tackle this mission is to equip every member of the fireteam with suppressors, and head around to the east. Stealth is key, so when not in an engagement, issue the 'hold fire' order. Eliminate the PLA who are blocking the East with EQ-2050s (and, if it is coming from the east, the pursuit force) and then head up the hill to the downed helicopter. Clear the AO and destroy the helo. Once this is complete, rush into the area where the pilots are, clear it quickly, and run to the extraction point. 

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