Model M107
M107 SN render
The Model M107 with a Sniper Scope
Vital statistics
Name Model M107
Faction USMC
Type Anti-materiel/sniper rifle
Fire Mode Semi-automatic (recoil-operated)
Caliber 12.7mm x 99mm NATO (.50 BMG)
Magazine Size 10+1
Range approx. 1 kilometer
Damage Very high
Used By USMC

 The Model M107 is a sniper rifle featured in Operation Flashpoint: Red River. It is not available for any classes but can be found next to an ammo cache in Careful What You Wish For and Line in the Sand.


The Barrett M107 is essentially the military version of the 'civilian' Barrett M82A1 rifle. Both are anti-materiel recoil-operated, semi-automatic, .50 caliber rifles, but the M107 is designated by the military for combat use. The M107 is chambered in the 12.7 x 99mm NATO round, colloquially known as the .50 BMG. This large round is usually utilised in heavy machine guns, such as the M2 'Ma Deuce' HMG, but in recent decades has found its way into sniper rifles, due heavily to the introduction of the M82A1 in 1982. Because of the massive energy transfer of these hard-hitting bullets, they are capable of piercing engine blocks up to 800m, disabling stationary rotor-based aircraft as well as critically damaging other equipment, particularly when loaded with armor-piercing rounds. However, where lighter and more purpose-built sniping rounds, such as the .338 Lapua Magnum, .408 Cheytac and .416 Barrett rounds are used to engage soft targets targets from great distances, the massive damage caused by the .50 round to vehicles and machinery has often led to the M107 and its variants being described as 'Anti-Material Rifles'. These anti-material rifles, due again to the brutal power and range of their heavier rounds, are also deployed for engagement of soft targets from ranges as far as 2000+m, as the combined velocity and weight of these bullets will carry them farther than many traditional, smaller rounds used for sniping such as the 7.62mm (.308) and to a lesser extent, .300 Win Mag rounds. The rifle's heavy recoil, partially alleviated by its recoil operated barrel, necessitates an over-sized muzzle brake. This recoil-operated barrel which forces the empty shell from the chamber, while simultaneously loading a new round facilitates the M107's semi-automatic firing capability. The rifle's long range ability and anti-materiel functionality means that it is almost always equipped with a scope (and can only be found with a Sniper Scope or Thermal Optic scope in-game), and its semi-auto fire means that it is fed from a 10-round box magazine.


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