Meet the Neighbours is the second mission of the Operation Flashpoint: Red River campaign. It sees Outlaw 2 tasked with protecting a Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) while they diffuse IEDs in Tajikistan


Outlaw 2 were riding in their humvees while Ssgt Knox briefed them on their objective--escort the EOD team. The first stop is a village a few minutes from the airfield. Outlaw 2-Alpha and Outlaw 2-Bravo defend different sectors while Charlie carries out a search. After clearing the village, Charlie is assigned to the defence of the EOD team. After Bravo and Alpha clear the hillside, Charlie and the EOD team advance, but run into heavy contact. Bravo advances on the insurgents and eliminate them. They then proceed to the town, where the EOD team find an IED on the underside of a blue car. Outlaw 2 defends against a squad-sized force of insurgents while the EOD team rigs up a controlled detonation. When the insurgents are killed, the EOD orders everyone away from the village and detonates the IED.

Once this objective is completed, Outlaw is tasked with capturing a school. While on the way, they vector A-10 air support for Outlaw 2-Charlie who are pinned down by a farmhouse. When all teams are in position, the assault begins. There are many emplaced weapons, and the school is swarming with insurgents. However, these insurgents make a run out of the back of the school. Once their objective is complete, they bring up the convoy and extract, with Staff Sergeant Knox telling the squad they performed terribly.

School Battle Plan

The school and surrounding village, with Marine and insurgent movements and positions (USMC in blue, ETIM in yellow)

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