MEU(SOC) render
The MEU(SOC) pistol
Vital statistics
Faction USMC
Type Sidearm
Fire Mode Semi
Caliber .45 ACP
Magazine Size 7+1
Range 80m
Damage High (Medium against armor)
Used By All USMC classes

The MEU(SOC) is the USMC pistol in Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and is the default secondary weapon for all classes except the Grenadier.


The MEU(SOC), officially the M-45 MEUSOC pistol, began as an improvement, suggested by Marine Colonel Robert Young in the late 1980s, to John Browning's M1911 and M1911A1, adapting it for 21st century war. The MEU(SOC) is primarily used by the Force Recon special-forces units within the Marine Corps' Marine Expeditionary Units, and has been used since 1985. The use of this pistol by these units gives the pistol its name, Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Command), or MEU(SOC).


The MEU(SOC) is practically identical to an M1911A1, firing a .45 ACP caliber cartridge from a 7-round magazine inserted into the grip of the gun. The MEU(SOC) is a high-mobility, high-damage sidearm, but has a small magazine and visually difficult sights, as well as a matte black coating that can make the gun difficult to see in low light.


The MEU(SOC) has no attachments in-game, and cannot use a flashlight like some of the other USMC guns.

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