The Grenadier with an M203 mounted on his M4A1
Vital statistics
Name M203
Faction USMC
Type Underbarrel grenade launcher attachment
Fire Mode Single
Caliber 40mm x 46mm
Magazine Size 1
Range appx. 400m
Damage High (explosive)
Used By Rifleman, Grenadier

The M203 grenade launcher is a grenade launcher used by the USMC in Operation Flashpoint: Red River It is unlockable for the Rifleman and Grenadier classes. When the grenade launcher is selected, the crosshair will change to show the drop that the grenade will have over range. Each line on the crosshair represents 100m, starting from approximately 200m. Aiming will simply aim down the sights and remove the crosshair, so it is recommended that you do not aim down your sights when firing grenades.



The M203 is a single-shot, pump-action underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher attachment used for adding an explosive capability to many rifles, or can be used for a variation on traditional hand grenades for a longer-range, impact-fuse grenade.

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