Line in the Sand
Mission 7
Vital statistics
Participants USMC, PLA
Date 2013
Location Tajikistan
 Line in the Sand is the seventh mission in the Operation Flashpoint: Red River Campaign. It sees Outlaw 2 and Hangman 3 assigned to defend the bridge crossing until air support and armour can arrive from Afghanistan. 


The mission begins with Outlaw 2 riding in Humvees to Renegade Platoon's checkpoint. Outlaw Actual informs the squad that Mustang Actual has arranged for a Humvee to be given to Outlaw 2 by Renegade. When they arrive at the checkpoint, they take the Humvee and SSgt Knox tells Bravo to drive to the next village and engage the AT teams while the other 2 teams support them. After eliminating the anti-tank teams, the squad move up to Hangman 3's position. Hangman 3-1 tells Knox that Mustang has ordered the withdrawal across the bridge to the west. Hangman falls back, leaving Outlaw 2 to defend the bridge crossing. Outlaw 2 falls back as APCs advance on them.

Once across the bridge, Outlaw 2 sets up defensive positions and waits for the PLA to advance, where Knox tells them "They're in front of us, behind us, and we're flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us thirty to one. They can't get away from us now!". After holding them off for a few minutes, Outlaw 2 falls back to the container market (also found in mission 3) and defends. AH-1Z air support arrives but is shot down but AA teams. Finally, Peacemaker's LAVs arrive, giving Bravo the chance to assault the AA teams and eliminate them. They find a SpecOps team supporting the AA teams, but eliminate the threat. Once the AA is offline, air support arrives and a CH-53E evacuates the teams.


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