1. Do not get shot! Stay out of the open and use cover at all times.

2. Short, Controlled Bursts!  Shooting automatically at ranges is generally a bad idea because you will be inaccurate and will not hit your target. Shoot semi-automatically at longer ranges, but bursts or fully automatic in low ranges.

3. Be proud you are a Marine.

4. Watch Your Bullet Drop! At longer ranges, your bullet will not go in a straight line. At some ranges, gravity will make the bullet drop.

5. Patch Your Wounds! When you take a hit, you will bleed out. After a firefight, take time to heal yourself. Heal yourself even more to heal body. Also, be sure to heal your team members, too

6. Keep a Full Mag! After a firefight, reload so you won't run out of ammo quickly in other firefight.

7. If in Doubt, FALL BACK! If you cannot move towards the enemy, pop smoke (if available) and fall back to the nearest "safe" zone and rethink your strategy of advancement.

8. Keep the Enemy Suppressed! Suppressive Fire is key when moving against the enemy. The enemy is going to stay in the same place and be an easy target.

9. Follow Orders! Always do what SSgt Knox tells you to do....(unless you want him to keep ranting at you)

10. Beware of Confined spaces, use CQB weapons only.

11. There ain't no such thing as a fair fight, Kill them anyway possible

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