The Holographic Sight is a sighting system which is used on many military weapons. It is a default attachment on the Grenadier's M4A1, and is available for that weapon for the Grenadier class from level 01. The holographic sight's abbreviation is "CQB" so that an M16A4 with the holographic sight would be called an "M16A4 CQB."

USMC VersionEdit

The USMC version of the holographic sight is based on an EOTech holographic sight. These are illuminated sights with 1x magnification, meaning that it does not provide any magnification. The holographic sight has a red dot surrounded by a larger red circle, with four small crosshairs on the outside of the larger circle.

The large profile of the sight makes it very easy to ascertain a feeling for where the gun is pointing quickly after bringing up the sights, and the illuminated reticle makes seeing the sights in low-light conditions easier. The reticle automatically dims when using night-vision goggles (NVGs) as not to blind the user.

The holographic sight is available for nearly all USMC loadout weapons, with the exception of the MEU(SOC) and the marksman rifles, the M14 DMR and M39 EMR.

PLA VersionEdit

The PLA fields a similar, simplified version of the EOTech-style holographic sights with their SpecOps units, on the M2000 shotgun. It functions identically to the USMC version.

ETIM VersionEdit

The ETIM does not field any form of holographic sight.

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