Damien Knox
SSGT. Damien Knox
Staff Sergeant Knox with his M4A1 A
Vital statistics
Rank Staff Sergeant
Gender Male
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Faction USMC
Position Squad Leader
Class Rifleman

Staff Sergeant Damien Knox is the commander of Outlaw 2 squad. Knox commonly carries an M4A1 with iron sights and an M203 grenade launcher and an MEU(SOC) pistol.


Damien Knox is originally from Detroit, Michigan [1]. With some bad experiences in his youth, he eventually joined the Marine Corps. His history in service is unknown, but it's successful for the most part. Before the events of Red River, Knox was known to have the toughest squad in the battalion. He was also known for being one of the tougher squad leaders. He is familar with Sorenson and McGee as well, but the amount of time they have been Knox's subordinates is unknown.


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