There are three types of Combat Support used in Operation Flashpoint: Red River. High Explosive, Air-Strike, and Smoke. Using your binoculars and laser rangefinder can help make your combat munitions more accurate.

High ExplosiveEdit

There are three types of High Explosive Combat Support: Mortar, Heavy Mortar, and Howitzer

  • Mortar: Fires a BARRAGE of rounds on target. (Possibly the M252 Mortar)
  • Heavy Mortar: Fires SCATTERED rounds on target. (Possibly the M252 Mortar)
  • Howitzer: Fires HARRASSING rounds on target. (M777)


Air-strikes are ordnanced dropped on to target from the air. There are three types of muntions used: JDAM, Small Missile, and Large Missile.

  • JDAM: Joint Direct Attack Munition; A unguided bomb converted into a guided bomb. It's variants are 200lbs, 1,000lbs, and 2,000lbs. In Operation Flashpoint: Red River, it is 2000lbs. "JDAM CAS MISSION"
  • Small Missile: (Possibly the AGM-65 Maverick) "Incisive CAS MISSION"
  • Large Missile: (Possibly an Air-launched Cruise Missile) "Disruptive CAS MISSION"


Smoke rounds are used to deploy smoke to "blind" the enemy, especially for retreating. Smoke rounds feature in some FTEs and missions 5 and 10.

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