Eotech 557 bullet drop

A sight depicting the various ranges in which bullet drop is incorporated.

Bullet Drop is the effect of gravity upon a projectile (a bullet) at a prolonged velocity. In Red River, bullet drop is perhaps the most important thing to note when engaging enemies at long ranges. For the Scout class, bullet drop is very important, because engaments for a sniper take place on average at about 200-300 metres. Bullet Drop is not only present in sniper combat, but is also present in any combat that uses bullets; so Riflemen, Grenadiers and Automatic Riflemen all have to be aware of their bullet drop to some degree. This also includes anti-tank weaponry. When using an Anti-Armor weapon, such as an SMAW, priority one is to eliminate the target before it gets too close, in which case you will have to outrun its guns. Because of this, you must engage it at the furthest possible distance, in which case bullet drop is incorprated. Every scope is fitted with a certain 'point' in which you can determine your bullet drop at different ranges. Bullet Drop is a major feature that drastically increases the realism of the game, while not making it unplayable.

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