Almost too Easy
Mission 4
Vital statistics
Participants USMC, ETIM
Date 2013
Location Tajikistan
 Almost too Easy is the fourth mission in the Operation Flashpoint: Red River Campaign. It sees Outlaw tasked with clearing out the primary Insurgent stronghold.


In the CH-53ESSgt Knox briefs the squad on the difficulties of the mission. He tells them not to insult eachother and to stay on mission. As the chopper lands, he tells them to disperse rapidly in case a sniper is tracking them (it may be that if the player moves too slowly a sniper will appear, as a sniper will not always appear). Knox tells Bravo to take point and Alpha and Charlie to follow them up and kill anyone Bravo team misses. Once the team get to the top of the pass, they come under fire from insurgents. After killing these insurgents, Outlaw Actual informs Knox that A10 support is on its way. Two more insurgents are also nearby. Once the A10s go overhead, Outlaw Actual informs them that a JDAM is ready. After Bravo call it in (binoculars recommended), they move down the path and clear any insurgents along the route. 

Once they reach the area which the JDAM struck, Bravo clears the area and Outlaw Actual informs them that more CAS is standing by. After calling it in on three targets, Bravo move down the ravine and cross the river to kill a squad strength insurgent force. When these targets are down, Bravo is told to take out some emplaced weapons across another bridge. It is recommended that you kill the AT gunners first, as crossing the bridge can be difficult otherwise. After the insurgents are taken out, Bravo can either move along the bank and cross near a Technical or cross back over and follow the main force. Bravo then takes the lower sector and kills the insurgents. After the lower base is clear, SSgt Knox requests extraction but Actual informs him that Outlaw is having trouble holding the upper base, as insurgents have holed up in a walled in compound and are firing on the Marines. Knox requests air support, but Outlaw Actual informs him that MAGTF is no longer in control of the airspace. Knox becomes frustrated and gives the order to assault on foot. After clearing the objective, they extract. Sorenson speculates that it was the PLA who contested the airspace.


  • The only other Automatic Rifleman seen in the game assaults the upper compound alone. It is possible to find his SAW.


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